I Don’t Get It – What Do You Do?

This is a question we get asked all the time. “What do you do at the Fair? Do you really work all year?”

The answer is YES! We do work year round planning the Fair and also assisting in planning a ton of events and activities held at the Fairgrounds annually. In 2013, we had 126 separate events on the grounds and used our 27 different buildings 801 times! And those weren’t even Fair related events. They ranged from horse shows to livestock shows to wedding receptions to business meetings to antique shows to training sessions and a bunch of other events.

We have 10 full time year round employees at the Red River Valley Fair Association. This number grows quite a bit in the summer and also the week of the fair.

So the staff of the Red River Valley Fair thought it would be fun to share with you a little about what we do at the Fair behind the scenes.

Follow us in the next couple of weeks to become a part of our Fair Family and see how glamorous and un-glamorous our jobs are…. but most of all… you will see how much fun we have at the Fair!

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About Jodi Buresh

Jodi has a passion for Fairs and has been in her current position as the Assistant General Manager at the Red River Valley Fair Association since 2008. In her AGM role, Jodi works with volunteers, sponsors, promotions and social media.... and can make a great batch of popcorn for all the staff! But this isn't the only time she has worked at the Fair. Jodi also worked at the Fair from 1990-1995 in various positions including Livestock Coordinator to Big Iron Farm Show Coordinator. Jodi absolutely loves cheese curds…specifically garlic flavored cheese curds. She is a self described "slightly obsessive compulsive organizer and cleaner". She truly enjoys the Ag Education Center and strives to educate everyone on where our food comes from...The Farm!